Sand Volleyball

Sand Volleyball is a great sport to play with all your friends here at camp!

Cooling Down

The pool is a great place to just chill out in the hot VA sun!

Camp Store

Edge Camp Store is a great place to stock up on apparel, books, and other camp items during your stay.


Set aside some time during free time and meet your friends on the court!

Field Games

This is where all the fun begins! Field games are a big part of team building at camp.

Outdoor Laser Tag

Outdoor Laser Tag is a great way to enjoy being outdoors and have a little fun competition with other campers.

The River

River sports like canoeing and paddle boarding are great on a summer day!

Corner Creamery

The hand dipped Hershey’s ice cream gets my attention every time. Not to mention the hot & cold drinks.

Hiking Trails

There are 8 1/2 miles of hiking trails on the property. Some are easy and some are difficult, but they all have beautiful views of God’s creation.

Bacon Ball

Bacon Ball is a very fun intense game for all ages.

Craft Shop

Edge Craft Shop is available during free-time with options for wood working, leather stamping, and jewelry making.


Test your skills among others while attempting to hit the bulls eye.