What kind of supervision will my JR age camper have?

Edge counselors are with their campers at all times not only to supervise but also to enhance your child’s camp experience by encouraging participation in many activities.

Does my child need to bring spending money?

No, but it sure is nice. Our Corner Creamery is a great place to get a refreshing drink, cold ice cream, or a middle of the day snack. We also have a camp store with apparel, books, and many other items. Our craft shop is always a great place to spend time building and making things during free-time.

What should my child do with prescription medication?

Upon arrival, each camper will turn in any regularly prescribed medication to our Health Service Nurse. Each
day, the camper will have the medicine readied by our nurse and be followed up on to make sure they have
taken the dosage for that day.

Does my child need to bring any bedding?

Each camper will need to bring their own pillow and bedding. Bring bedding that fits a twin mattress.

What kind of clothes should my child bring?

Ladies/Girls Dress: Shorts should be below the fingertips when standing. Please no low necklines, narrow
shoulder straps, tank tops, or skin-tight fashions. Please bring skirts or dresses to the knee for the evening
services. For water activities, please wear dark shirts and shorts over swimwear. For girls-only swim times a
one-piece swimsuit or a tankini that overlaps at the waist is acceptable.
Men/Boys Dress: Shorts should be below the fingertips when standing. Please bring long pants/jeans and
collared shirts for the evening services. For water activities, please wear dark shirts and shorts/swim trunks.
For boys-only swim times, swim trunks are acceptable.
The Edge reserves the right to ask anyone to change his or her outfit if, in the estimation of the staff, it does
not comply with these standards.

Is there someone to help my child if they get hurt or sick?

We have a nurse on campsite 24 hours a day. We are also equipped and capable of taking care of most minor
injuries and illnesses. Be assured that we will contact you for any hospital visits.

When will my child arrive home?

Summer camp ends Saturday morning after breakfast and God & I Time. Checkout time is 10am.

How do I communicate with my child while they are at camp?

In order to keep the campers from being distracted and to minimize the chance for stolen phones, we ask that
all cell phones be turned in to their sponsors once they enter the camp property.
If you need to get in touch with your child, you can call The Edge office and request to speak with him or her.
The office staff will coordinate a time that works with your schedule and the camp schedule for him/her to call
home. Also, in the event of a medical emergency, your child would be allowed to call home.
If you would like to send mail to your child, please use the following address:

Camper Name
The Edge Camp
702 Eastover Drive
Spring Grove, VA 23881

What should a camper bring?

Flip Flops
Shampoo & Soap
Insect Repellent
Athletic Shoes
Notebook & Pen/Pencil
Clothing (that can get messy)
Sleeping Bag or Sheets & Blanket
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Spending money for Snack Shop, Craft Shop, & Camp Shop ($40 – $75 Average)

What should my child not bring?

What not to bring:
Alcoholic Beverages
Tobacco or Cigarettes
Apparel with inappropriate graphics or lettering
Cell Phones
Any Music devices
Campers can have digital cameras
Meals are included in the price of the camping program for both sponsors and campers. Those on special diets must bring their own necessary supplements. A microwave is available in the dining hall.

What do chaperone sponsors do while at camp?

The Edge Christian Camp is both a centralized and de-centralized summer camp program. Meaning our summer is driven by our program schedules with small amounts of de-centralized free-time. Our campers are with Edge  counselors all week and stay in their designated cabins with their counselors. The program at The Edge is created and managed by our camp and summer staff each week. Sponsors lodge in a separate location and may have the opportunity to get involved during free-time, game-time, church family gathering, and attending services. Sponsors are not required to spend the week at camp, however we encourage sponsors to join us as we plan for meetings, sessions, and outings specifically for youth sponsors and youth workers.