A large white house sitting in the middle of a field.


Eastover was part of a land grant in 1637 from the King of England to Henry Brown. Over the years, land was both acquired and subdivided into different parcels, leaving 283 acres, including the Manor house. Although the Manor house was not Henry Brown’s house, it still has been of historical importance to many people. According to one historical record, the Manor house was built in the 1880’s.

The Eastover Manor, built in the 1880’s is currently owned and operated by The Edge Christian Camp, Inc. Eastover has served as a place of retreat for church member’s and groups . Our guests enjoy a time of peace and relaxation at the Manor and is a wonderful location for Pastor/Deacon retreats. It has breathtaking views of the James River from a 100-foot elevation, one-half mile of beach and 283 acres of woods, lake, ravine and fields.

As the Eastover Manor is part of the camp property that the Lord has blessed us with, we would love others to come and stay, while enjoying the peace and beauty of God’s creation.