It’s proven, we are growing! And with this growth we are on to our next project of expanding our current meeting space, and so we are preparing for this growth. Some of the details of the project include moving the kitchen which will allow for up to 50 more seats. We will then build in a kitchen area in a separate space connected to the meeting space as this is used often during our adult retreats throughout the year. The meeting space will be remodeled to add finished walls & new doors, a platform, new lighting, carpet, additional chairs, and a sound booth. Would you consider partnering with us to raise the needed funds as we plan to start this project November 2022!
New projects are currently in planning. 

For the Fall of 2022 we are planning to remodel our current Motel Meeting Space. This space is where we host our morning chapels and evening services during summer camp, and all of our sessions during our retreats and conferences. 

Project details include:

Finishing the block walls
Upgrading the interior doors
Upgrading the exterior doors
Removing the kitchen / Building in a new kitchen just off the meeting space
Replacing all the light fixtures to LED
Adding carpet
Adding additional chairs
Building in a sound booth with video and audio capabilities for live stream.
Remodeling the restrooms
Adding a platform

Project Progress

Contractors / Volunteers
Materials Ordered


A 3 d image of the inside of an auditorium.