The local church, a body of born again believers are commanded to share the gospel to the world. The vision of Edge2go International is to partner with the local church and their missionaries through mission boards in assisting with this calling.

Listed below are several ways a church can partner with Edge2go International.

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Prayer is great way to support the ministries at The Edge Christian Camp. We have witnessed God do some amazing things over the years because of those that continue for pray for us. Sign up for our news letters and stay up to date on all things Edge.

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Sponsor A Volunteer

Do you know someone that has applied to travel with The Edge, or you just wish to be a blessing to someone. You can give towards helping a volunteer that is scheduled to travel with us.

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Sponsor A Program Package

We develop a package of items for each edge2go trip individually. These packages will be given to each missionary family to provide items needed to run camps each year once we return home.

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Financially Support Edge2go International Monthly

By making monthly contributions to edge2go International, this allows us to plan far in advance towards future trips to the mission field. We pray that you would consider becoming a partner in this way.