We have created a list of some of our needs for the ministry here at The Edge. Each item is linked to our giving page where you select the item and make your gift donation. We thank you for consideration towards these items. 

Edge Needs List

T-Shirt Launcher

Well, this is just for fun!

Cost: $749

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File Cabinet

Just to hold our music.

Cost: $100

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HP Laptop

There are three laptops in the organization that are due for replacement this year.

Cost: $900 ea.

One Donated and Purchased April 2022!

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Patio Dining Set

Additional seating for the Corner Creamery and office front porch.

Cost: $430 ea.

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LED Lights

Cost: $120 ea

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20 Needed

Cost: $179 ea

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Socket Dividers

Cost: $350

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Bucket Truck Hydraulic Lines

Cost: $1,200

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Commercial Double Door (Gym)

Cost: $2,175

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Commercial Single Door (Gym)

Two Doors Needed

Total Cost: $3,500

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Capital Expenditures

Commercial Convection Oven

Cost: $11,000

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Parking Lot and Road Gravel

Cost: $60,000

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Cabins Remodel

Cost: $6,000

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Dumpster Privacy Fencing & Concrete

Cost: $8,000

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Skid Steer

Cost: $53,000

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Mini Excavator

Cost: $72,000

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Manor River Trail Decking

Cost: $25,000

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UTV Machine

Cost: $9,000

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Power Washing Trailer

Cost: $4,600

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Zero Turn Mower

Cost: $13,000

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Volunteer Needs


Scraping and painting at the Manor house.

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Trees around buildings need trimmed or removed.

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General Labor

Grounds Maintenance 


Trail Clearing

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Blessed Needs

Mattress Covers

88 Mattress covers

Cost $2,200 - Purchased 12/2021

Dorm Remodel

Cost: $32,000 - Completed 1/2022

Edge2go Van

Cost: $42,000 - Purchased 3/2021

Staff House Remodel

Cost: $20,000 - Completed 5/2021

Panasonic Streaming Camera Kit

Cost $1,870

Donated and Purchased March 2022!

GoPro 10

Cost $499

Donated and Purchased May 2022!

HP Laptop

Cost $900

One Donated and Purchased April 2022!


Cost $179

One Donated and Purchased May 2022!

Electrician Volunteer

Electrician was needed to help rewire the pool house, lights, and install new pool motor.

Donations and volunteers completed project in May 2022!

Well House One Rebuild

Well House one needed to be demolished and rebuilt.

Cost $5,000

Labor and Material were donated and project was completed March 2022!