2019 Summer Camp Schedule

Cost for campers is $225 or $210 if registered before March 1st 

Cost for sponsors is $185

Week One (JR Camp) 4th grade – 7th grade – June 24th – June 29th                          Speaker – Randy Merrill

Week Two (Teen Camp) 7th grade – 12th grade – July 1st – July 6th                            Speaker – Josh Venable

Week Three (JR Camp) 4th grade – 7th grade – July 8th – July 13th                              Speaker – Matt Galvan

Camp Registration    Liability Form

1. Youth Camp

The intent of youth camp is for pre-teens and teens to have a week away from the distractions of everyday life and to interact with others their age in a week of games, competitions, and exposure to God’s word through preaching, small groups, and personal study. Each day will have its own unique schedule filled with Bible time, team activities, group activities, free time, lesson time, and chapel time. Each week will be filled with team building challenges, competitions, and growth activities.

2. Music Camp

Music camp is intended for those youth who are interested in the music ministry of their local church. The camp consists of music and voice lessons throughout the week. This will be a five day camp with a time for competitions and fellowship. Each night will end with singing and preaching. Time for devotions and a search of God’s Word about music and how it plays an important role in the life of a Christian.

3. Sports Camp

Sports camp is intended for youth who want to use their talents in a week of a particular sport. Again this camp is built around the Word of God. It promotes team building and skills challenges. The camp program will include a focus on one type of sport with time for devotions, singing, and preaching nightly. This camp is all inclusive for overnight stays and all daily meals.

4. Weekend Youth Adventures

The Saturday Youth Activities day is intended to be a full day of competitions, games, and preaching from God’s Word. This will be a weekend event to bring the youth together in preparation for summer camp beginning on Friday evening and ending Saturday evening. Meals provided. Boot camp style leadership training, games, and competitions will fill up the time. There will be preaching of God’s word to cap off the evening.

5. Rentals

The Edge Christian Camp offers options for rentals for your group events.  Use the links below for the rental packets and worksheets.

Edge Rental Packet

Camp Rental Billing Worksheet 2019

Single Day Rental Billing Worksheet 2019